Hi, I’m Llano Blue, and I am a visual artist, writer, filmmaker, musician, and performer.

The primary outlet for my work is Glitterus Wolfus, a mission-based weekly blog that releases short videos, personal essays, and serialized fiction.

Check glitterusolfus.com every Wednesday, or follow us on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter: @glitteruswolfus

The site you are on now is an archive of many of my artistic projects and adventures.

You can listen to music I’ve made with my band THE SWEET TRADE, or listen to my back catalogue of EARLY MUSIC.

See some kids books I illustrated under ILLUSTRATIONS, see pictures of me by clicking on the MODELING link, and watch music videos, ukulele covers, and short films in the VIDEOS section.

And be sure you get to know Miss CHENILLE STEMS, a crafter and gender performance artist to be reckoned with!

Thanks for stopping by!