Reared in the redwoods of Northern California by an Expressive Arts therapist mother, singer-songwriter father, and a zining, movie-making older sister, Llano never had any choice but to dedicate his life to art.

Attending an arts program throughout his high school career helped Llano to build artistic skills, as well as strengthening his affinity for fellow creative-minded misfits.  He took two years off after high school to work, live, lose his mind, and find it again.

Llano spent four semesters attending SRJC 2007-2008 where he took courses in art, movement, creative writing, film studies, and gender studies.

In 2009, he took up playing the ukulele, met a girl, and moved with her to San Francisco.  Soon after, he formed  indie-pop-folk-rock band The Sweet Trade with Sean Malroy, in which Llano writes songs, sings, and plays the eight-string ukulele.

Chenille Stems, one of Llano’s alter egos, sprung forth in 2011, rocking her way across drag show and burlesque stages, challenging notions of gender, and displaying impressive crafting abilities.

In February of 2014, Llano Blue founded Glitterus Wolfus.

Glitterus Wolfus is a mission-based weekly blog that releases short videos, personal essays, and serialized fiction.

To keep up with Llano Blue’s prolific output, check every Wednesday.

For your convenience, you can also follow Glitterus Wolfus on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter: @glitteruswolfus


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