Chenille Stems is from San Francisco’s sister city Santa Francesca on the planet Hearth. It’s like Earth, but it’s a little warmer there.

Chenille has been performing and creating in San Francisco since arriving in our dimension in 2011.

Chenille began contributing to Glitterus Wolfus when it was founded in February of 2014.

Known Family:

Tinsel Stems, sister

Harry Stems, father

Crystal Stems, mother



Known Bands:

Chenille Stems and the Bendettes

Needle Magnet Laser


Known Drag Performances:


What Tom Said About Girls by The Blow


Lycanthtopy by Patrick Wolf


Bob’s Burgers/Animal Crackers (with Esoteric Dyke)


Get Up by Bad Kissers (As Professor Plum in the Library with the Candlestick)


Princess Crododile by Gry


Come On Petunia by The Blow


Host of a Ghost by Porter (Featuring Hollow Eve and Drama Bin Laden)


I’m Rich by Yeah Yeah Yeahs



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