I’ve been making music for quite a while.  Currently, my instrument of choice is the eight-string ukulele.  I’ve been playing uke since Summer 2008, and I even teach the ukulele.


Currently, I sing and play uke in my band, The Sweet Trade.  Check out our album Pistols and Parasols here. You can listen to the whole thing for free.  It has even got a good review or two!  We are currently hard at work on our sophomore  release. Check out my events page for any upcoming shows.

Before I moved to San Francisco, I made lots of music by myself, doing all the recording, mixing, and producing on an old Macbook; overdubbing, effecting, and looping vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, organ, ukulele, xylophone, and found sounds into sonic structures and songs.

The most recent complete album of solo work is Llano Blue’s Nocturnal Habits.  It’s even got some pop songs on it!

Often moody, sometimes sunny, and on occasion so rocking you have to put on a helmet, Tryin’ to Make Odds and Ends Meet is a collection of unreleased tracks from the eclectic  back catalogue.

And for the Llano Blue completist, we have three special treats: The Casio-beat-laden lo-fi  Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to his sister’s 2007 short film, Raw Wheels (Watch the film here), an old and strange collaboration with a competent musician from a time when Llano’s musical aspirations were slightly above “make noise”, and another early solo album from when his name was not yet Llano Blue, but unquote.” (several more unquote.” releases exist, but the general public is not yet ready for them).

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